Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Organization: Part 1

So, I mentioned that I wanted to get my house more organized and that I wanted to start with my shoes. Here are the details..... I'd like to do this in the small reach-in closet (9h x 2w x 3l) in our master bedroom. The only thing in this closet is a 'standard' Closetmaid clothes rack. It's not big enough to hold my clothes, so all I store in there now are my handbags and luggage. The other closet in our bedroom houses my husband's clothes and shoes so there's no room for my shoes (that's another post). I have about 100 pair of shoes & boots that I need to store. Here's a pic I took with my Centro (sorry, I deleted the pic on my point-n-shoot):

This is just some of the shoes. I kept finding more pairs after this. I love strappy stiletto heels and hardly ever wear tennis shoes. Some of the shoes that I rarely wear will be donated to Goodwill or a local church. So, does anyone have ANY suggestions? I'm desperate here, so any and all suggestions will be taken into consideration :-)


Anonymous said...

how about going through your shoes and sorting them based on whether they are summer shoes or winter shoes. Store the off season shoes in a bin. That might make the amount you have to work with more manageable.

Pajnstl said...

OMG!! So many shoes! i am no where near, NOWHERE! near that in terms of shoes