Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mojo's Rockin' & New Hire No-No's

It is very rare for my mojo to be on-point for 3 of 4 days straight. So I figured I'd better take advantage while I could. I finished another 2-page layout for the baby boy book I'm working on. Here it is:

Did I mention how much I love to stitch on my layouts, LOL! My goal is to complete a 2-page layout each night until I've finished the 42 pages needed to complete the book. Lofty goal......I know but I'm sure I can get it done! *fingers crossed*

On the work-front, we had a new hire show up yesterday for orientation that shouldn't have been there. We tried reaching her numerous times the week before to clarify the situation.......to no avail! Of course, when we inform her that she cannot start because she failed to disclose a misdemeanor conviction on her criminal background she flipped out! She kept saying "Why would THIS keep me from getting a job? It says it's only a misdemeanor!" The associate explained that it wasn't the actual charge that prevented her from being hired, it was the fact that she falsified her application by not disclosing it. Then we get yelled at, cursed at and a lil' mean-muggin' for good measure....LOL! I tell ya there's nothing like the folx that come thru here.....NOTHING! Moral of the story: do not falsify your application and if you do, don't sho' out on the HR staff......this ensures any and all future apps will be brushed aside ;-)!

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Pajnstl said...

a mess... sounds like one of my clients