Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My goals for 2010

Hello there! How's your week going? Mine has been moving along pretty quickly. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. On one hand, the weekend is fast-approaching. On the other hand, I haven't had much 'me' time. Generally, Tuesday's are my days just for me. That didn't happen yesterday, but I did get to enjoy a nice dinner with my two guys and some good friends. Anyhoo, on to the reason for my post goals for 2010.

I didn't want to make resolutions because they are so easily dismissed or broken. So I decided to make goals! Just the word 'goals' makes me feel better about the whole process, LOL! This all started while I was reading a post on Ali Edwards' blog. Each year she chooses a word that she feels will make an impact on her life. This year I decided to join in. The word I chose was: CONSISTENCY.

I chose this word for a number of reasons, but the two most important are:
  1. I have developed this problem of not following thru with projects (crafty and otherwise)---> I don't like this AT ALL
  2. I believe that if I am consistent with my actions, my words and my thoughts it will restore some of the order that has been lacking in my life for the past year or so

To go along with my 'word of the year', I set goals for myself. Both personal and professional. Here are my list of goals for 2010 along with a little background information:

  • Travel more with my family- we actually started doing more of this towards the end of 2009 and will continue thru 2010
  • Have more 'date' nights with my husband- with help from my recent order from Boutique Patrice, we'll be working on that this weekend!
  • Take my son to the beach- I live too close (like 30 minutes away) to the ocean to not have taken him to the beach once in his 3 years on this Earth.....I know, I know :-(
  • Increase my performance evaluation from a 'Highly Achieves' to an 'Exceeds'- this one will be difficult with budget cuts looming
  • Find a more efficient way to complete all of my job duties- I get my job done, but some days I barely have enough time to eat lunch (today was a good example of that)!
  • Learn how to sew- I blame Adrienne for this one, she makes the cutest things and she's FUN-TY ;-) (I have paid for and will be attending my first class at Joann's on Saturday morning!)
  • Create a card or layout at least once a week- I'll be playing along with several year long challenges to help out with this one
  • Use up my stash- 'nuff said......
  • Finish RJ's 1st year album and at least start his 2nd year album- I have all of the supplies, but NOT.ONE.PAGE.DONE.YET!!!

I realize that by posting this list here it will act as source of accountability. I've put it out there. So either I'll be CONSISTENT with what I've said I want to do or I won't......POINT.BLANK.PERIOD.

Thanks for stopping by and letting me ramble :-)


Adrienne said...

You are silly! LOL
Have you heard of the 52 week dare for dating? I'll link you up. Tony and I are doing that, along with the Love Dare from the movie Fire Proof.

Good luck with your goals! Can't wait to see your progress!!!

Americanising Desi said...

your resolutions are way interesting than mine :) at least i wish u well well and only well in achieving everything you possibly can and more!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with all your goals! And I hope you had a good time on your date ;)