Sunday, May 31, 2009

Catching up (pic heavy)

So I've been up to my usual.......taking care of my 2 men, working hard, keeping up on the sports world and papercrafting. Speaking of sports, I am SO happy that the NFL season has started? Love me some football :-) We usually catch 3-4 home games for the hometown team, but this year we're gonna travel to Atlanta to catch the Falcons vs. Eagles game. That should be interesting.

We've also been doing some traveling at the end of this Summer. Mr. R and I, along with our good friends and business partners, went to Atlanta to celebrate our anniversary. We've been together for 12 years, married 6 and I still love him :-)). Here are some pics from the trip:

**at the Georgia Aquarium**

**at the Botanical Gardens**

**at the Botanical Gardens. Don't they look like triplets, lol**

After that, I went to Vegas with my mom and baby brother to visit my other brother. He moved out there in April and has been asking us to come visit ever since. This was my first trip to Vegas so my expectations were REALLY high. Um, I didn't realize it was so damn hot out there! OMG, I had to go clothes shopping immediately after we got off the plane! I packed some jeans and that was NOT gonna work! I'm used to heat by living in Florida, but er um this was some dry ass desert heat! Here are some pics from that trip:

**at the Eiffel Tower restaurant**

**the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge over the Colorado River**

**on the observation deck overlooking the Hoover Dam & Colorado River**

I really enjoyed myself, but I couldn't cut loose like I wanted to with my mom there. I plan on going back with some girlfriends. Now that should be fun.

Last week was RJ's 3rd birthday! I can't believe my baby's already 3 :-( For his birthday, he kept telling us he wanted to "ride the train with Mickey Mouse!" So we took him to Disney last Saturday. He had a blast and we enjoyed watching him experience it all. It rained ALL DAY, but we still enjoyed ourselves. Here are some pics from our trip:

**my little man after he got his Mickey hat**

**Mr. R & RJ posing with Pooh & Tigger. That hat is NOT a good look for Mr. R, lol**

**The last pic of the day. My baby was T.I.R.E.D.**

I've also been getting some papercrafting done. I'll post more on that later. Sorry to be MIA for so long, I'll make up for it......what, I will!


Anonymous said...

fun times fun times!!!

vegas is SO on my list of places to travel

Katrina said...

Thanks for hopping thru on the Scrapbook Challenges blog hop!!