Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Be honest, is it me?

So my bff & I were to spend the day together at the spa for my birthday on Monday. She talked me into taking the day off to have a 'Girl's day out' to celebrate. Only that's not exactly how it happened. We were supposed to meet at my house at 9:00, she got there at 11:30! At this point I hadn't had breakfast and I was HON-GA-REE!! So we went to the restaurant she wanted to go to for lunch, no biggee (again, I was HUNGRY). As we're leaving the restaurant she called her boyfriend, who then asked her to bring him lunch. OK, not in the original plan but they're in that 'puppy love' stage and I wanna support my girl so I keep my mouf closed. Plus, he lives pretty close by so it'll just be a lil detour. While we wait on his order, she dropped me off at Michael's for a lil browsin' and maybe a lil shoppin'......COOL! 25 minutes later she pulls up and we're on our way to drop of ol' boy's food. She gets on the expressway heading south. We pass our workplace........

*thinking to self: AIGHT, WHERE ARE WE GOING?*

We keep riding and I'm still looking puzzled. Finally, I come to the conclusion that we're taking this to his workplace CLEAR on the other side of town. At this point it's 2:00 & I haven't had nary a toenail clipped nor a cuticle pushed back........RIGHT! So, we get there and she says "I'm gonna run up to his office, drop this off and come right back!" Famous last words! After 30 minutes of me sitting in the HOT ASS FLORIDA SUN with no a/c (did I forget to mention she took the keys) her and ol' boy come strollin' out hand-in-hand. At this point my attitude has gone from 'Woohoo girls day out' to 'This girl has lost her LAST good mind' and it's written ALL OVA my face! I was able to muster up a 'Hello, how are you?' which is a major accomplishment for me! As we're leaving, he hands her an envelope. I didn't ask what it was cuz #1- At this point I didn't give a flyin' fuk and #2- It wasn't my business. As we're getting back on the expressway (at 2:40) she asks me "Where's the nearest Compass Bank?" Aww hell naw! Nye I gotta ride with you to go make a deposit for ol' boy? I inform her that there's one that she can stop by on her way to take me home! We make the deposit and get to my house at about 3:30. I just wanted to go inside, calm down and take a nap. NOPE, she wanted to come inside to hangout before she went to class at 5:00. I was soooo pissed, all I kept thinking was "I took a day off from work to have lunch and run errands for my friend's man?" I could've saved my 8 hours of paid leave and taken my ass to work! Long story short, the day was a complete waste and I ended up thoroughly pissed off at my friend. So much so that it affected my attitude at work yesterday! I was short with everybody, including my bff. One of my co-workers put a "Don't start none, won't be none" sign on my door as a warning to all those who dared to enter! She knows me very well, so she didn't really say too much yesterday. I wasn't in the right state-of-mind to talk to her about it yesterday, but I plan on having that conversation today.

Now be honest, am I wrong for being pissed off? You can tell me if it's me, I can take it I'm a big girl ;-)


Pajnstl said...

You should have told her something. I would have simply b/c it was MY day MY birthday. but that's just me and i can be sensitive about my bday. :)

Pajnstl said...

hmm.. *looks at date on blog post* *looks at date on calendar*
*leaves room*

My Life My Life My Life said...

No. it MOST DEFINETLY isnt you...the idea of taking my annual Not you.